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What is a Time and Attendance System?

Time and attendance systems are essential business devices that accurately record employee working hours. Self-report or manual timesheets can be unreliable and time-consuming.

Modern time and attendance systems remove these issues. Employees use an app, card, fob or biometric machine to clock in and out of their shifts and managers can view the data is recorded to monitor punctuality and absenteeism.

This means businesses can ensure all salaries appropriately match the hours each employee works and avoid any administrative issues saving time and money.

Modern time and attendance systems do far more than just track start and finishing times. Additional information can include breaks, annual leave, sick days or specific circumstances such as jury service. Some can also be set up, to show real-time reports, work with flexible and part-time schedules and help to plan future shifts.

Advanced systems can be customised thoroughly. They might be programmed to deliver instructions to certain employees at the start of their shift or they might record location, department and job role as well as working hours, then report directly to HR and payroll services.

The most secure systems have biometric hardware which verifies each employee’s identity when they clock in or out using a unique characteristics such as their fingerprint. This removes the risk of buddy clocking and improves workplace security.