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We now know everything about the Apple iPhone 12 including name specs and prices and I’ll be sharing the details right after this.

So this week has been the biggest yet for the Apple iPhone 12 we’ve got information on names design pricing and specifications meaning we know everything about the iPhone 12 way ahead of launch before we get started though please like the video if you’re excited for the iPhone 12.

So if we start with the design some of you may have already seen everything apple pro’s video with a shed renders and care informations for all versions of the iPhone 12. Many people out there are arguing that Apple wouldn’t release an iPhone that looks like this, but all sources and the leakers are confirming that. This is it personally, I like the flat design and I think this is the best-looking iPhone we’ve seen yet.

We also have news that some models of the iPhone 12 are going to have the promotion display but some of the cheaper ones won’t but we’ll go through that in detail shortly now with the design out the way we’re going to go through the names of specs variants and pricing for every single model of  the iPhone 12.

To start with that we’ve got the entry-level model of the Apple iPhone 12 and it’s going to be called the iPhone 12 it’s a five-point 4-inch phone with an OLED super Retina display from the Chinese manufacturer BOE. It’s important to note straight off the bat this super retina means absolutely nothing so don’t get too caught up on that.

It’s gonna be equipped with four gigs of RAM and a choice of 128 or 256 storage it’s made of an aluminium body and of course it uses the Apple a 14 bionic with 5G support the iPhone 12 comes with a dual camera system on the rear and it will of course be shipping with iOS 14.

While there have been rumors of all models coming with a his display. Unfortunately the iPhone 12 is only going to be sixty Hertz, For those of you that want the iPhone 12 you can get the four gigs of ram with 128 gig storage for six hundred and forty-nine dollars, but if you want to upgrade to the 256 gig iPhone 12 and it’s 749 next up we have the iPhone 12 max to be clear this is the iPhone 12 max and not the pro max is essentially the same as the iPhone 12 but just a bigger version the iPhone 12 max has a 6.1 inch display.

This is again a super Retina OLED display and provided by BOE. As I said it’s the same as the iPhone 12 that so we only get a 60 Hertz displayed we get four gigs of ram and a choice of 128 or 256 storage, and of course the iPhone 12 max is powered by the a 14 Bionic.

It’s an aluminium body. It’s got 5g connectivity and dual cameras on the rear for those of you that want the 128 gigabyte iPhone 12 max. It’s gonna be launching at seven hundred and forty-nine dollars. If you want the 256 gig iPhone 12 max it rises to 849 next up we’ve got the iPhone 12 pro.

The iPhone 12 pro has a 6.1 inch display so it’s actually the same size as the iPhone 12 max but we’ve got improved display and specification on the iPhone 12 pro.

We’ve got a 6.1 into super Retina display with promotion and 10-bit color depth unlike the cheaper models that this display is manufactured by Samsung and promotion delivers a 120 Hertz for a fresh rate. One required the open 12 pro comes with 6 gigs of RAM and the choice of 128 256 or even 512 gigs of storage.

It of course shipped with the Apple a 14 Bionic and the iPhone 12 pro is 5g compatible it comes in a stainless steel body and on the rear. We get a triple camera setup along with the lidar sensor for depth, for the 128 gig iPhone 12 Pro it’s launching at 999 dollars, for the 256 gig version is 1099, for the 512 gig iPhone 12 pro its $1,299.

Last but not least we have the iPhone 12 pro max the iPhone 12 / Max comes with a six point seven inch OLED display again this is super retina with pro motion 10-bit color depth and of course of manufactured by Samsung.

It again comes with 6 gigs of ram and a choice of 128 256 or 512 storage it’s in a stainless steel body and the iPhone 12 pro max is of course powered by the a14 Bionic with 5g support, and exactly the same as the iPhone 12 pro we get a triple camera set up on the rear along with an additional lidar sensor. For those that want the 128 gig iPhone 12 pro max its launching at 1099 dollars if what the 256 gig version it’s 1199 and for those that won the most expensive in the range.

The 512 gig iPhone 12 pro max is launching at a whopping one thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars overall it’s a good selection of phones at a nice range of prices.

Essentially there should be one for every budget and preference if this is the phone you desire the promotion display that Apple are using is going to be 120 Hertz but it’s also going to be adaptive it’s gonna change it to 120 Hertz when required. So the increase in display performance can be seen for the times when it’s not needed that the phone will drop back to 60 Hertz to save battery.

When it comes to the release dates, sources are saying that most of the range is going to launch in September but the iPhone 12 pro max could be delayed until October due to the current outbreak. We’re experiencing of course there’s plenty more information on the Apple iPhone 12, so we’re gonna run through all of it now.

Two different iPhone 12 the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 pro max we’re expecting Apple to increase the display sizes on the most premium models. Although those who want to smaller display is still gonna have an option reliable. Analyst min Chico has advised that there’s going to be two iPhone 12 versions. The small iPhone 12 is going to have a 5.4 inch display and the larger one will have a 6.1 inch. We then get a 6.1 inch display which is the iPhone 12 pro and a six point seven inch display which is the iPhone 12 pro max.

Unlike last year however all models are reportedly going to be using an OLED display and the resolution will differ across the range the 6.1 inch. iPhone 12 will likely have a lower resolution than the 6.1 inch iPhone 12 pro and what there are rumors of Apple removing the knotch. I really can’t see this happening in typical Apple fashion. We’re still expecting a full screen display with a notch top Center.

It’s too early for in display camera sensors and I can’t see Apple going for a punch hole they also need a time-of-flight sensor on the front for their 3D face unlock and while Apple did digital fingerprint scanner on the iPhone X.

There were reports that it’s going to be coming back in the form of an in display fingerprint scanner there are reports suggesting that. Apple are also going to be increasing their refresh rates on the latest displays while most phones have stuck to 60 Hertz displays.

It’s been changing recently and Apple are also going to be joining this trend at this stage, we don’t know if they’re going to be using 90 Hertz 120 Hertz or even a mixture of the two across the range. When it comes to the rear of the device we’re expecting a similar camera setup to last year but the more premium model.

We’ll have more cameras, minke quo has again advised that both the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro max are going to be adding time-of-flight cameras to the rear. For those unaware time-of-flight cameras are 3D depth cameras and then what Apple uses on the front for the 3D face unlock the time-of-flight sensors on the rear.

However use slightly different technology that allow it to map 3D objects from further away. This significantly improves augmented reality applications and allows for more improved portrait style photo and video effects.

We’re likely going to see slight upgrades on the other cameras of the iPhone 12 but given the great performance in its predecessor they won’t be changing things too much. Reports are suggesting that the two more budget models are going to have a dual camera setup or the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max are going to have a quad camera, setup with the inclusion of the 3d depth cam.

The iPhone 12 is of course gonna be powered by the new a 14 Bionic processor this is actually manufactured, using five nanometer lithography which will bring significant improvements and there’s a good chance. That it will be the first five nanometer chipset to hit the market, when it comes to round the iPhone 12 pro max is expected to come with six gigs of RAM or the standard iPhone 12 will only have four.

This is something that I think Apple actually do well compared to Android manufacturers where they throw in a necessarily large amount of memories causing the consumer to pay for memory that they don’t even need.

When it comes to storage or expecting a choice of 64 256 or 512 gigs of internal storage, for the first time ever consumers foul Apple did a great job in prioritizing the battery life on the predecessor. So hopefully that’s something that’s gonna continue with the iPhone 12. What graphene batteries are still out of the question that we can expect a 5.4 inch iPhone 12 to be around 2,800 milliamp hours. The 6.1 inch is probably going to be around 3150 and the 6.7 inch of contain around of 4300 milliamp hour battery.

One thing that is a little unknown at the moment is of course 5g connectivity. Apple are very bad when it comes to 5g. Thanks to earlier issues with Qualcomm so we’re unsure at this stage if that’s something we will see in the iPhone 12 is rumored that the iPhone 12 is going to have 5g connectivity.

But there aren’t actually any leaks or reports to back that up the open 12 is going to be IP 68 water resistant and it’s of course going to ship with iOS 14 now. When it comes to the price, people wanted lower prices and that’s exactly what we’re getting Apple surprised us last time. They surprised us again with the iPhone SE and now what the iPhone 12 is going to be the same will be getting the base 5.4 inch.

iPhone 12 starting is $649. The iPhone 12 6.1 inch it’s $749, the iPhone 12 pro 6.1 inch at 999 and finally the iPhone 12 pro max 6.7 inch phone at $1,099. So very reasonable prices from Apple, who have clearly been focusing on keeping the cost down.

Of course it’s not all about specs and we’re likely going to see some new software features or improvements to the current features in iOS 14. The iPhone 12 is set to launch in September as always and it’s always around the second week they release. So we can expect to see the iPhone 12 range on either their 8th or the 15th of September and the iPhone 12 will be released about 10 days afterwards.