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Biometrics collection at Australian Visa Application Centres

The Australian Government has introduced biometrics collection as part of the visa process. Every year, thousands of international travellers have their identities stolen. Biometrics is an important tool in the fight against identity crime. and is used by many countries. The Australian Government is committed to fighting identity fraud. with a new biometrics collection program. Under the new arrangements, you may be required to provide your biometrics,. such as fingerprints and a photograph, as part of your Australian visa application. In some locations, the Australian Government uses service. delivery partners to operate AVACs, or Australian Visa Application Centres.

AVACs offer a range of visa application services. including visa lodgement, fee payment and biometrics collection. If you are required to provide your biometrics as part of your visa application,. you will need to visit an AVAC to do so. Let’s take a look at the visa application lodgement and biometrics collection process. Good Morning, I’m here to apply for my Australian visa. Sure, I will need your completed application form and your passport please.

Everything appears complete. I’ll need your application fee. and then we can proceed to collect your biometrics. Why are you collecting biometrics, are there any benefits?. There are many benefits. It will protect your identity,. plus it will also protect Australia and its borders. It will also make Australia a safer place to visit. OK, so what do I need to do now?. I’ll take a facial photograph, scan your fingerprints and record the information. The process will only take a couple of minutes. So let’s take your photograph. I’ll need a clear image of your face. Can you remove your glasses please?. Now I’ll take your fingerprints. Please place the four fingers of your left hand on the scanner. Then your right hand. And now your two thumbs. All done. So the visa application and biometrics collection process is simple and straightforward. For more information about Australian Visa Application Centres. please visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s website.